Welcome to EpicMoogle

Hi there!
Welcome to EPM, a  anime figure photography- & review blog which is run by zzzzzy 
& Miss Le. A couple from the cold northern, Scandinavian country of Sweden. We enjoy taking photographies of small japanese figurines, sculpted of characters from different animes and videogames!

Who are we?
As a today “fresh” couple from Gothernburg, Sweden we share many interests, such as anime & manga series, videogames, photography, dancing, cooking, etc. We started collecting figures in December 2011, and since we’ve fallen in love……. -with figures! *ahem!* -Since we have a common interest of figure photography, we thought and decided that we might as well share our hobby on the web ^^.

What is PVC figures?
The models for our photoshootings are made of fine quality Polyvinyl Chloride, a type of plastic which is useful to sc

ulpt detailed figurines. There are other type of figure materials are: Cold cast, Polystone, ABS, which are all also different type of plastics.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to EpicMoogle

  1. You meant in response to the Kasumi review? =)
    There’s a theme park with an arcade game section in the town where I live, and I have to say that the games have almost not changed since I was a kid! Well… the only new stuff would just be the Dance revolution, and later on Guitar Hero, as in any other place =P

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