Kasumi from Dead or Alive

Hi! And welcome yet again to EpicMoogle figure & photograph blog! This will be my first entry, and it’s going to be a double review! First dish out on the table of delicious figures is Kasumi of the Dead or Alive videogame series. Known for her beauty and deadly fighting skills; she is probably one of the top video game sex-symbols of all time along with others such as Ivy (of Soulcalibur), Chun Li (Street Fighter), Mai  Shiranui (Fatal Fury), Samus (of Metroid), and of course Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. –Just to name a few! To summarize this figure by SEGA in one single word, the most accurate description would be “underestimated”.


Kasumi is a kunoichi (meaning female ninja), from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, and is the official protagonist of the series. Kasumi is a very compassionate and kindhearted 17 year old girl, with deadly combat skills using the Tenjin Mon style of martial art. She has an older brother Hayate -18th clanmaster to be, and a younger half-sister of Ayane. After her brother Hayate becoming critically wounded by their treacherous uncle Raidou, She was supposed to inherit the title of 18th clan master of the Tenjin Mon sect. She instead decided to pursue Raidou, seeking revenge without permission of the clan, which branded her as a nukenin (a runaway ninja) sentenced to death if she would ever return home, while Ayane is ordered to hunt her down and kill her.

Her most typical trademarks are her blue traditional shinobi dress, sakura petals swirling in the wind around her, and the weapon of choice which is the wakizashi: a shorter version of the katana. Written on the back of her dress is her name which means ”Mist”. Kasumi’s popularity has made her one of the most recognized gaming females, and also made her a constant victim of cosplay. She’s almost always being ranked as one of the hottest videogame girls. But in in some American rankings; she, and the other DOA characters are disqualified for being for being under 18 years of age. There’s a DOA movie from 2006 we haven’t seen yet. Any recommendations?

zzzzzy is really looking forward to Dead or Alive 5, releasing 2012 for Xbox360 AND Playstation 3! Can’t wait to get my hands on this game! There’s a sneak peek pre-alpha gameplay battle between Hayate vs Ryu Hayabusa on the web. It looks awesome!

“Cant wait to see the hot DOA girls in this kind of action!” *Drool* /zzzzzy
-The second part of this battle is also up on youtube! press here: Dead or Alive 5.

Kasumi was our first figure in possession, and was bought as a birthday gift 2010. She was actually first released as a SEGA UFO prize back in 2007.  -You know the arcade machines in which you insert coins to control a claw crane to grab your prizes? That’s from where this figure was first released. These arcade games are extremely popular in Japan. I’ve read that at some places, even pet Turtles can be won.

The original illustration of this figure was painted by well-known illustrator Shunya Yamashita. We both are fans of the art of his art. We got plenty of love for his unique way of painting. He is able to bring out sexy in pictures, in a natural way.

The two illustrations of Kasumi showcases some of her many in-game costumes, and hair sets: Blue dress and the long ponytail with a yellow ribbon, and white dress and loose hair. The figure was very well sculpted in comparison with the original illustration of Shunya’s art how it’s supposed to look. You could almost tell by just looking at the figure, that is one of his pieces. One of the biggest attractions towards this Kasumi figure was her delicious legs, and her pretty butt, which is probably the reason we bought her… she definitely has those qualities.


Kasumi is a really great figure. As she was first released as an arcade prize, this figure retailed for only about $17. We bought her back in 2010 for 22 dollars a piece. We had a hard time to decide whether to buy the white one, or the blue one… So we ended up just buying both of them instead of wasting time thinking about it. The figure was cheap anyway, yet has the quality of a much more expensive figure. Even today, with our arsenal of great figures, Kasumi is probably the most price-worthy… Maybe our BRS Animation version is on the same level of quality/price density. It’d be great to have more Shunya-style Dead or Alive figures. Although that’s not likely to happen. It’d be great to see well-made figures of Ayane, Kokoro and Hitomi! There’s a lot of Kasumi figures on the market, -especially now since she is a part of Queen’s gate. But this one is probably the best in our opinion. There is another popular Kasumi figure made by Max Factory released 2004. Very notable for her unique one-of-a-kind pose. Although she wasn’t as detailed in our opinion. And in some cases she having leaning problems.


Kasumi is quite well sculpted. She has very nice curves and beautiful body shape, yet does not look in any way exaggerated. About our favourite part of this figure: we both thought her legs would be the highlight. Kasumi’s legs has very extremely nice curves, which a very few figures can match. To be even more specific: Miss_Le preferred her legs from the hips-to her-knees, while zzzzzy specifically preferred the knees downwards. She has a nice behind, and we like the detail of her shoes and “overknee” socks. What also must be mentioned are her well done pink nails, which even stick out. Not many figures have this detailed nails even today. The scale was listed as ”none” but since she stands almost completely upright, we measured her and multiplied with 8 since she looks like a 1/8 scale. Our result was 156 cm. Her true height is 158 cm. So she is probably a perfect 1/8 scale anyway.

Even though we like the sculpting, it has its flaws, but generally only minor details. What was mostly bugging Miss_Le out, was the two scars on the sides of white Kasumi’s hair. –It looks like it has cracked, and been glued together, although that’s not true. The white Kasumi’s hair was probably harder to sculpt than the blue one’s ponytail at that time by SEGA. We’ve been thinking…  and we might be wrong, but Kasumi’s neck might be a bit long. Finally: comparing with the blue one again; the white set had a somewhat dislocated left hand, it’s not a big deal, since it isn’t- and doesn’t look- wrong. It’s just a comparison.


The paint job on this figure is quite good. We like her color theme which matches quite well. There is a very nice fade on the bottom of her dress (white/pink), which makes quite a difference in the presentation of the figure in a discreet manner. There wasn’t that much shading, which Kasumi did not need anyway because the excellent way she was sculpted: Since her dress includes a lot of foldings, it creates natural shading from the room lights. (Example: your own clothes don’t have any shading painted on it. But when light falls on you, it creates shades. The same thing works for Kasumi: Natural shading. No extra paint. Although she could had needed some extra work on her accessories such as her ribbons by her hips, which were lacking some detail.


Her base is simple yet very elegant. The base is just a classy looking elevated black square platform, also featuring her name on its side. The elevation makes quite a difference in her presentation. The figure wouldn’t look as good if she was placed on a plain, un-elevated base (Like that of our Hyakka Ryoran line by Alter). Even though its simplicity; There’s no flaws with her base… It fits the figure perfectly.


Her pose is also very simple, yet it is in the same time very elegant. She is just standing upright, wide legged holding up her wakizashi. The best thing about the simplicity of this pose is that it brings out her curves very well. Thinking about her kind, compassionate personality, the white dress fits her better.

Kasumi is one of those figures which look good from all angles, which makes a lot of photo creativity. But you would probably not want to display her on a lower-level shelf though because her head is tilting downwards, meaning you won’t be able to see her eyes since her hair-bang is covering this from an above-perspective.


To sum It all up, Kasumi is a great figure. She has delicious legs, wears well made, stylish kunoichi gear. Comparing the blue and the white versions, the blue one is generally better made. -Also because the blue, darker color covers up tiny flaws comparing to the pure white color. Her few flaws are the lack of details on her accessories. The foldings on her dress are well-though of since they bring out detail and a natural shading to the figure.


  • Beautiful body, especially her legs
  • Well sculpted nails & folding on her dress
  • Simple and elegant pose & base
  • Looks good from all angles
  • Cheap price!


  • At some places includes “scars” from manufacturing
  • Lack of detail on accessories
  • Isn’t as effectively displayed from an above-perspective

Listed as a non-scale figure, she is quite accurately a 1/8 figure. Good to know for planning who her roommates is going to be. This Kasumi version feels somewhat forgotten, and therefore an underestimated figure. She is also arguably one of the most price worthy figure out there, meaning very high price/quality density. This great figure for about $25 makes her a quite must-have figure.


  1. Sculpting 4.0
  2. Painting 4.0
  3. Base 4.5
  4. Display 5.0
  5. Overall 4.4

Verdict: Great figure!

Final words:

Thanks for reading our review, and checking out or pictures!

From zzzzzy: Sorry for the 6 pictures of the blue Kasumi, excluding the header, and footer ones. I kinda suck at photoshop compared to Miss_Le who did the rest xD

Further reading:
More on the story of Kasumi http://deadoralive.wikia.com/wiki/Kasumi

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