Pre-orders May 2012

It’s been quite a long time since we last blogged. School has keeping us busy and we’ve almost forgotten about the blog. Apologies for that, but now we’re rolling once again!
Let’s start right away with our current pre-orders reaching til’ the month of September.

2012 seems to be a great year for the well-established figure companies such as Alter and Good Smile as always, but also as well for recent companies like PLUM who are impressing me though I’ve barely haven’t heard of them before until this year.

In case it’s your first time here, EpicMoogle is a figure blog run by me “zzzzzy” who writes this post today, -and my girlfriend “Miss_Le” who I might refer to a few times in the post. Let’s get started!


Saber Motored Cuirassier
Fate/Zero – 1/8 scale – (Good Smile Company)

Without a doubt, when I first saw this figure I knew right away… This figure is going to be something you would absolutely NOT want to miss! Coming with a lovely bike “Motored Cuirassier” is like getting two figures at the same time. And as always, Good Smile’s figures from the Fate/ series comes with a great base with a dynamic expression. This is probably going to be the best figure accessory of the year.

This will also be my first less sex-appealing figure. I’m not sure whether the previous Saber figures should be considered sexy, as I also own “Saber Lily Distant Avalon”. For me: the highlight of this piece will sadly enough probably not going to be the figure itself. She does kind of look like a boy more or less. I will hopefully grow in to the tomboy look, but Saber Motored Cuirassier is definitely going to be a great figure!

I ordered two of Saber Motored Cuirassier, as well as the next figure. So if anyone missed the order and wishes to buy one from me, just PM or comment! List of figures for sale!

Samus Aran
Metroid: Other M – 1/8 scale – (Max Factory)

I’ll admit… I’ve never played Metroid before, but I know that it should be considered one of the greatest Nintendo games made… Right? This Samus sculpture is based on the twelfth and latest game of the series: “Metroid: Other M (2010)”. I was actually heisitating on buying this figure, and came to the conclusion that I could always cancel her in case I change my mind. She is very blue and futuristic, so I doubt neither she nor Saber will melt in along in my figure collection consisting of mainly Ninjas and Samurais. Nevertheless, she is very sexy in her skintight suit. The dot at her cheek is also very charming I must add. However, her leg can look weird from a certain angle in one of the early pictures. I’m probably too picky… ORDERED!

As I mentioned above: I ordered two of Samus Aran and Saber. I’m selling one of each in case anyone missed the order or got a change of heart.


Alisa Ilynichna Amiera
God Eater Burst – 1/7 scale – (PLUM)

PLUM is one of the more recent figure companies which impresses me. Though one would normally be careful from ordering from newer companies until their quality have been reviewed by others: this would still be a no-brainer for me. When Alisa’s prototype pictures was announced, I couldn’t care less. This is a fig I could’nt afford to miss out on.

I’m not sure which is sexier: 1. Alisa. or 2. Her big ass weapon. Her weapon is called a God Arc, which looks like a Final Fantasy Buster-Sword synthesized with Squall’s Gunblade, but with a red Blood Sword colour. Difference is that her weapon transforms between melee and ranged forms as it seems. It certainly doesn’t look like it but Alisa is primarily sniper class.

This Alisa figure looks very nice. I like the character design, color theme, her red God Arc, even the bangle and her hat. I wish they would include her God Arc in the ranged form as well. I’m sure PLUM is not going to make that happen though. The God Arc looks very flawless, however it isn’t: The main reason is the black tentacle looking things above the handle which I don’t like at all. -Those are not even on the concept arts. It would be so much better if they made the God Arc like it was supposed to be. A second issue is that she will most likely need a stand for her weapon, as we can even see on the promotional picture. Still on the good side Alisa looks great and I love all her accessories like her bangle, hat, skirt, boots, it all fits together very well.

When I first showed this figure to my girlfriend & blogpartner: Miss_Le: she felt a bit turned off because the underboob flashing which I could agree on somewhat. But this fig is so great I have to order her regardless!




Milla Maxwell
Tales of Xillia – 1/8 scale – (Alter)

Tales of Vesparia is one of the JRPG I’ve wanted to play since I first bought my PS3. I’m a  big RPG fan. However… neither Tales of Vesparia nor any of the Tales games were released to PS3 in a English version. Good news is that Tales of Xillia is going to have a english version on PS3.

Milla’s character design looks really good, so it would be inevitable that Alter would make the sculpt look so aswell. This figure is very elegant, and beautiful, yet not too flashy of sexual parts more than her belly. She looks very skinny, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I wouldn’t think about that normally, but I believe her hair does a lot more than one might think to broaden the image. Her hair which is beautiful from a front angle, will probably cover up most of her view from behind, leaving not much left to see. That would probably not be a problem though, as we don’t display her with the back against the shelf anyway. It’s only going to matter during photo-shoots.

Yuzuriha Inori
Guilty Crown – 1/8 scale – (Good Smile Company)

Many figure collectors miserably missed-, and will forever regret to not order Lacia – Beatless figure sculpted by Ishinaga Sakuako based on Redjuice illustrations and manufactured by Good Smile Company. Inori has the same combination of producers, and I shall not make the same mistake twice, since I missed Lacia which is now almost impossible to get due being an Exclusive.

Inori is of course lovely and I think the sculpt portrayed Redjuice style of art quite well. The fig has a very nice character design and color theme. As she is dynamically moving forward, her dress follows the direction on her movement very skillfully sculpted. The figure is also one of those standing on one foot, but leaning forward, which might be a potential issue that she would start to lean more and more as time passes. It’s Good Smile Company, so we will hopefully not need to worry about that. Her base hasn’t been announced yet, but GSC will hopefully messed it up like recently with Kurisu Makise’s horrible stairs base. Other than that this figure looks amazing!

Potential orders

This section is a list of figures, nendoroids and miscellany we might pre-order at last minute or buy at any second if it’s already released.

Riela Marcellis – Valkyria Chronicles 3 (Volks)

Volks quality seems questionable for figure collectors as it seems, though I’m not sure why and would like to know in detail. -Probably due paint-job issues. This sculpt is so perfect for me, though the only reason I’ve not ordered her yet is because she is exclusively only sold in Japan, meaning additional proxy service costs and complications I’m not used to. I’d probably give up my “Saber Motored Cuirassier” order for this!

Elin Mystic – Tera Online (Cerebrus project)

This is actually a pre-painted garage kit by Cerebrus Project. She is available at Hobbyfan and e2046, but the latter did an exceedingly better paintjob! Elin is not her name, but her race, and Mystic (“Elementalist” in the Japanese version) is her warrior class. Haven’t bought pre painted garage kits before, but this one, and KOS-MOS is definite choice once I’ve got spare money.

Kurisu Makise – Steins Gate (Good Smile)

I really wanted this figure. I pre-ordered it, but ended up canceling it. It’s doubtlessly a great figure, but I felt I should invest on other figures I want even more, like Black Gold Saw. The figure comes with two bases, a plain one and the dreadful stairs base. I’m on the edge of ordering her…

Dead Master – Black Rock Shooter Original ver. (Good Smile Company)

Me and my hunnie are going to collect the whole BRS series figures by Good Smile. She has already been release but is still available for a good price. So it’s only a matter of time til’ we buy her.

Riela Marcellis (Nendoroid)

-We already got her partner Imca, so why not beautiful Riela aswell? ^^

Touwa Erio (Nendoroid)

-Me and Miss_Le missed to see the beauty and cuteness at first glance. but would be a great addition to our nendo collection if we find her for a good price ^^.

Yamada Aoi (Nendoroid)

Very cute nendo! Only thing is that we would probably buy the whole play-set along with the nendo. And then we would have to buy Popura as well… and then we would have to buy all their other nendoroid friends… and then Cuteness Explosion!! …And finally we’d probably most likely be broke…

Tera Online: The Exiled Realm of Arborea (Bluehole Studio)

Tera Online is a awesome online MMORPG, and also the first Live-action-MMORPG. Very beautiful graphics, character design, world. Has a great combat system based on skills, and not gear. The Elin Mystic I wrote about above comes from this game. Can’t wait to create my Castanic warrior once I get the game! Haven’t ordered yet, but will do that very soon!


One thought on “Pre-orders May 2012

  1. Moto-Saber was an instant get for me. Wonderfully dynamic, badass cool factor, and GSC’s reputation to back it up. It’s slightly annoying that she was delayed, but not surprising considering previous GSC Fate-series figures.

    Max Factory’s Samus doesn’t strike me as very interesting, which is disappointing because I’m very much a Metroid fan. They just gave her such a static pose. If I had my vote, I’d like to see a Samus figure where she’s wearing her suit with the helmet off.

    I’m eyeing the Alisa figure for the reasons you point out, but I’m still a bit wary of PLUM. They don’t have much history in the PVC market and their past designs didn’t look particularly good to me.

    Tera seems to be popular with anime bloggers for some reason. I guess it’s the graphical style. I sort of swore off MMOs after World of Warcraft, so I don’t pay the genre much attention these days. I’m more of an ARPG fan, myself.

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