I see you have found your way to Epic Moogle figure blog!
This blog focuses on Japanese anime figures featuring photography and review writing of these. The blog is hosted by us: zzzzzy and Miss_Le, a couple from the cold, northern Scandinavian country of Sweden.

Our great goal and hope with this blog is to be able to share great figure photographs: to catch your eyes and  to share well written reviews! Maybe help a figure collector or two to decide wether to buy a certain figure. ^^

Good to know about this blog is that:
Any opinion is allowed to be expressed freely here! So don’t ever hesitate to post a positive, negative or positive comment, or feel shy! ^^.
Download to your heart’s contentI have decided to not put any ugly watermarks on my pictures for the greater good. So ask permission to upload our pictures! ^^ 

Hope you’ll stay, to see us evolve and improve as bloggers! Stop by once in a while! kupo!*

Art by "Chitose Rin"

Rising of a sun...

You could also visit our myfigurecollection profiles: zzzzzy & Miss_Le.
EpicMoogle public email adress is zzzzzy_[at]hotmail.com.
Do also read our introduction post found in “general“. ^^


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