Pre-orders May 2012

It’s been quite a long time since we last blogged. School has keeping us busy and we’ve almost forgotten about the blog. Apologies for that, but now we’re rolling once again!
Let’s start right away with our current pre-orders reaching til’ the month of September.

2012 seems to be a great year for the well-established figure companies such as Alter and Good Smile as always, but also as well for recent companies like PLUM who are impressing me though I’ve barely haven’t heard of them before until this year.

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Welcome to EpicMoogle

Hi there!
Welcome to EPM, a  anime figure photography- & review blog which is run by zzzzzy 
& Miss Le. A couple from the cold northern, Scandinavian country of Sweden. We enjoy taking photographies of small japanese figurines, sculpted of characters from different animes and videogames!

Who are we?
As a today “fresh” couple from Gothernburg, Sweden we share many interests, such as anime & manga series, videogames, photography, dancing, cooking, etc. We started collecting figures in December 2011, and since we’ve fallen in love……. -with figures! *ahem!* -Since we have a common interest of figure photography, we thought and decided that we might as well share our hobby on the web ^^.

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